Bar Hofesh

Hi All!
My name is Bar Hofesh, or bararchy in Gitter and Github, I’m from Israel and a great supporter of Crystal.
I’m the CTO and Co-Founder of NeuraLegion, which is a startup company in the cyber security and machine learning fields, NeuraLegion is one of the first companies to embrace Crystal in production and to publicly support the community.

I’ve been a part of this great community of ours from around 2013 where I helped codecore and @sdogruyol to develop the amethyst web-framework (Not in active development anymore).

I’ve programmed in everything from C\C++\Ruby and (sadly) .Net, and the language I fell in love with was Ruby, until I hit production use in a company where I worked.
We built a Reverse-Proxy in pure Ruby and the performance and GIL locks were terrible, but then I discovered Crystal, still a VERY young project at that time, with an unclear future ahead of it I sadly couldn’t make my supervisors to accept trying it out in anything other then pet projects and small scripts.

When I left and created NeuraLegion I knew one of the things I wanted is to create the project in Crystal, with my partner in crime @ArtLinkov we create SHAInet as the basis for out research and from there developed all the other algorithms and logic that we needed, all in pure undiluted Crystal!

My next dream and wish for 2019, is that NeuraLegion will become big enough to donate a proper amount to fuel more work on the language and it’s features.


Good ol’ times :slight_smile:
It’s always great to have you around Bar. Thanks a lot for being such a great Crystal believer :heart: and I wish the best for NeuraLegion :pray:

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