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Blog: Snapcraft Summit Montréal

It was a busy week at @snapcraftio getting the compiler into the store, enabling you to snap your Crystal apps, and making the new nightlies available in TravisCI.


Do you mean you can make a GUI app in crystal and distribute it through snapcraft and not have to have a local crystal compiler installed!?

That would open some really interesting opportunities.

Can any of this work be repurposed for Flatpaks?

Why do you need a local crystal compiler installed if you make a gui app?
It shouldn’t matter where you compile aslong as the libraries are present on the target.
Am I missunderstanding something?

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I have not had much luck with static compilation so I generally recompile on every target. I might be doing something wrong but it works for now.

you don’t need to compile a static binay, you just need to make sure that you have the correct versions of the libraries installed on the target system.

Which is what all those packaging systems on linux do.
In the case of “traditional” packages you define in the package what dependencies it needs, an in the case of appimage and co. you package the libraries you use with your binary.