Carlos Donderis

Hello World

My name is Carlos, I’m a Spaniard living in Japan (the land of Ruby) for the past 8 years.
I go by CaDs on Twitter and CaDsJp on Reddit.

I found about Crystal a couple of years ago, probably while I was looking for information about JIT compilation for Ruby, when I saw that slogan “Fast as C, slick as Ruby”

I have been hooked to Crystal since then and keeping tabs about the progress towards 1.0 so I can push Crystal into my company’s tech stack.

Meanwhile, I keep using Crystal in my personal projects and I try to keep Crystal’s Reddit up to date with interesting and relevant information when possible.

Nice to meet you all

よろしくお願いします :bowing_man:


Great to see you around :wave:

よろしくお願いします :slight_smile:

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