Crystal fighting Corona

For the last 8 months or so we’ve been working on a new Telehealth system in Australia.
The public facing aspects of the system are all written in Crystal.

The government expects about 10,000 consultations a day to be occurring on the system during the crisis and it goes live this week.

Wouldn’t have been possible without this awesome community.


This is amazing! Are you able to talk a bit about how the application is built, what shards you’re using and all that? I’m sure members of the community would love to know that their code is being used for this. :-)

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This is great story @stakach!

You are making everybody a little more proud of their past efforts for sure.

A lot of us are dealing with rearrangements of their everyday life. When things settle a bit, let us know how things goes over there.

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That is amazing @stakach! News like this makes it feel like everything done really paid off.

Keep us updated about the experience once the system is running and don’t hesitate to ask in case we can help.

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I will love medium article or something. Amazing news I really love to hear something like that


I host Chicago Crystal and we do remote speakers. If you want to do a talk we would enjoy hosting you and since it is remote we could still host a talk.

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The app stack looks like this currently:

Where the Crystal app is using

  • standard lib (for most things)
  • spider-gazelle (+ bisect, promise, tasker)
  • drujensen/delimiter_tree
  • jeromegn/kilt
  • arcage/crystal-email
  • kostya/cron_parser
  • luckyframework/habitat
  • manastech/
  • veelenga/ameba

The ruby component will be replaced with at some point this year. PlaceOS wasn’t production ready when this project started, but our first project running on Place will go live in May.

I’ll post some screenshots once it is public.


@wontruefree we’re keen to do a talk. How often do you host? We have an office in New York so might even be able to swing a trip over once the plague has a vaccine


@stakach we host once a month. We can host you remotely but would love to have work with you to come to Chicago once there is a vaccine.

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:wave: At Manas we’ve had some busy days contributing to

Waj and me among others. While doing that we built some small helpers to automate some of the process to help translations from Lokalise go into GitHub PRs. Not a lot of code, but written in Crystal :-).
The service allows triggering the process for specific language on demand by non tech users plus it wires some webhooks to do the same after some period of inactivity per language.

I’m coming back to my regular allocations, and should be able to have more activity in crytal-lang.

I hope your schedules and routing are gaining some stability after this hectic days.

For the ones that does not know, Manas has been working with for a long time already. We also do some stuff that are not programming languages :sweat_smile:


All the thumbs up for that. :+1:


Training videos have gone live for anyone interested in the solution.

ACI19026_MyVC_Participants D1 - 2020-03-13.mp4

ACI19026_MyVC_Welcome D1 - 2020-03-13.mp4

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-01-Logging in D1 - 2020-03-13

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-02-Testing Audio Video D1 - 2020-03-13

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-03-Connecting to VR - D1-2020-03-13

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-04-Connecting Participants - D1 - 2020-03-13

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-05-Chat with Participants - D1 - 2020-03-13

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-06-Transfer a Participant - D1 - 2020-03-13

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-07-Connecting to other rooms - D1 - 2020-03-13

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-08-Connecting to Interpreter Room - D1 - 2020-03-13
ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-09-Exploring Features - D1 - 2020-0313

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-10-Chat Message and Attachment - D1 - 2020-03-13

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-11-Inviting Participants - D1 - 2020-03-13

ACI19026_MyVC-Clinician-12 -Ending Consultation - D1 2020-03-13​


Great! I have a question. What do you use for the video call? any library? or do you use your custom WebRTC solution?

It’s a custom UI built around Pexip for WebRTC video
On the back-end we manage the queuing system, appointments, chat, alerting doctors and provisioning of the meeting rooms etc

Pexip has browser based support for most android / iSO devices and all desktop browsers.