Crystal Meetup in Asheville, NC, USA

I am having a Crystal get-together in West Asheville, North Carolina and I’d like to invite anyone in the Southeastern US to join us. This is going to be very informal at the moment, for the most part I’m gauging interest from my coder friends in the area, but by all means, if you want an excuse to pop into Asheville on a Sunday and sip on some delicious local beverages while talking Crystal and what it could be, please stop in!

Sunday August 11th @ Local 604 Bottle Shop ; 604 Haywood Rd ; Asheville, NC ; 28806

Hey there!

I’m in NC but in Apex (near Raleigh) so probably can’t make it out that far. Please post here with how it goes though! Maybe one of these days I’ll make it out :)

@paulcsmith we should do a crystal meetup in Raleigh/Durham