CrystalConf 2023 is finally here

The wait is over! The stage is set for Monday, Oct 23rd, 2023 for CrystalConf 2023 to commence at 10:00 AM CEST. We’re all set to host the in-person attendees at Berlin and the online attendees will soon receive the streaming link on their registered email address to be part of the experience. Get ready to view some awesome speakers in action and take away insightful learnings.

Ticket registrations are still open and will be available until Oct 22, 2023 12:00 PM CEST. Please get yours soon, CrystalConf 2023 - The Crystal Programming Language

Happy Crystalising :star_struck:!


For folks who don’t know the correct start time, check following ruby code. (assume live in +0800)

[11] pry(main)> DateTime.parse("Oct 23rd, 2023 10:00 AM CEST").new_offset("+0800").strftime("%F %T")
=> "2023-10-23 16:00:00"

BTW, how to do same things in Crystal? (Don’t need specify the time pattern when use Time.parse)

So, this Conf will not be streamed live on Youtube or similar platforms, right? how to register the email?

The live stream is available to online attendees.
You can still get a ticket at CrystalConf 2023 - The Crystal Programming Language

Recordings will be publicly available at a later time.


An equivalent in Crystal would be

Time.parse_rfc3339("2023-10-23 10:30:00+02:00").in(Time::Location.local)
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Thanks you for answer, one more question, i know there are several Time.parse_??? method available, e.g. parse_rfc2822, parse_rfc3339, parse_utc, can I assume that these three already cover most of the common formats, as DateTime.parse in Ruby support?