TL;DR: my 23-years old cousin has a very rare type of cancer and he needs to raise money for his treatment/cure.

This post is completely unrelated to Crystal, but I thought that given that I do Crystal completely for free, just to have fun and so that others can have fun or use it for business, and I never ask anything in exchange (there are donations that go to “Crystal”, but I don’t get any part of that, and it’s fine because I don’t actually need the money,) if I asked one thing that would help something (someone) that is more important than Crystal, it might be okay.

Anyway, one of my cousins has a very rare type of cancer. They are raising money for a treatment/cure but it’s pretty expensive and my cousin’s family is running out of contacts or people that can donate.

If you can donate (even the smallest amount of donation would help,) I would truly appreciate it.

This post is from me, Ary, as an individual, and not from the Crystal Language organization.

Thank you!


Thank you all for your help, much appreciated! :heart: