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How to install crystal 1.0 on Manjaro

Hello, on Manjaro linux i see crystal in pacman packages, but it is 0.36. Anyone know if 1.0 will be available?

Install Arch Linux instead

And to expand on this:

What Manjaro offers on top of Arch Linux:

  • Packages held back for an arbitrary amount of time
  • Security vulnerabilities in the OS
  • Security vulnerabilities on the site
  • You forfeit participation in the competent support chat #archlinux
  • Straightforward installer

You can ask Manjaro folks when their arbitrary hold on Arch Linux - crystal 1.0.0-3 (x86_64) will end

You can use snapcraft as an alternative Install On Manjaro - The Crystal Programming Language
Or .tar.gz Install From tar.gz - The Crystal Programming Language

Those are up to date

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I have a VBox install of Manjaro and use Crystal with that install procedure, and it works great. In fact, it’s better to do it that way because you can have as many versions as you want, immediately, and not have to wait on their repos.

Thanks Brian. I did try to install using snap. It did install but then when i try to use crystal i get an error. Not a crystal error but i think a snap related one. Will post it here as a followup once im on my laptop.

Becomes debatable now :P Arch Linux - News: Installation medium with installer

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I use asdf then I just do asdf install crystal 1.0

For local usage asdf local crystal 1.0 and global for the system.

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