I've got some beef

…and it looks kinda neat! I wonder if there’s anything Crystal could cherry pick for some ideas on how to better the language.


I had watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6w4y6_ENdU and saw mention of LLVM, and a few things like the built-in tooling and IDE as well as a few other small bits that sounded pretty awesome. Just wanted to share!

I also saw this from gamefromscratch’s YouTube channel.

It’s an interesting language, but I’ve got no time to learn yet another programming language. I also think the language’s name can be prejudiced against vegans. I know a lot of vegans and SJWs that will not be pleased, and not use the language solely based on the name.

I also think an influx of programming languages is a negative and a trap for developers. It’s about the same logic as learning a new phonetic language, and trying to be a native speaker with it. It takes a lot of time, which people take for granted, and thus, become poor speakers. (In this case, write bad code). I think this analogy applies with programming languages, not so much for basic ones, but for large ones like C++, I’d argue it does.

I glanced through the documentation and was not impressed. It’s a hodge-podge of ideas from D Lang, Go Lang, C#, Java, and somehow Swift.
Hotpatching is interesting idea but has side effects during debug.
Mixed models (some methods has debug info and some are high performant without debug info) I have mixed feelings about it but I think it is not really useful.

I may be mistaken but I don’t really feel this Beef language the way I feel Crystal.

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Interesting take. I don’t know anything about low level stuff, or language internals, so I like seeing comments like this to help put things in to perspective. Thanks!

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