Making pen plotter stickers for Crystal 1.0 release! (free stickers)


I am currently printing stickers for the exciting 1.0 release of Crystal, and would love for you to stop by and say “Hi”!

If you would like free stickers, please DM me with an address and I will send them along to a couple lucky people.

I also have care packages for anyone on the Core-Team page. So if you are one of those users, please DM me where you would like your sticker packages sent!

This care package includes:

Personalized sticker with crystal symbol, name, and handle
Crystal Art sticker
Crystal 1.0 release sticker

Anyone who is also a part of the staff page you also get:
Manas sticker

I will also give free stickers to anyone who provides proof they donated to Crystal.

Hope to see some of you in there.


Video is not available?

Sorry stream was over after about 3 hours of printing.

Here’s the photos of some of the prints.