Name for Crystal programmers

Greetings from your Community Manager! Hope you’re all doing great and keeping healthy!

Here is the much awaited poll for the selection of name for the Community of Crystal Programmers. Please submit your responses on the Google form below considering the preferences carefully. We would want to ensure all members to take up the survey hence the form will remain open starting now through all next week. The form will stop collecting responses end of Eastern US time on Monday, 27th Feb 2023 and we get the poll results the last day of the month.

So put on your creative hats and choose your preference wisely. Remember, we are not just looking for the name that gets the highest preference, we are looking for the one that gets the highest preference maximum number of times!

I look forward to your responses and thereby the Community Name:)


I just submitted my ballot.

I want to thank Manas for listening to the Community and hiring Mekhla. :partying_face:

I feel 2023 will be a banner year for Crystal, as her outreach and community organizing will turbocharge Crystal’s presence and awareness within the universe of programmers.


Thank you @jzakiya for trusting my expertise and showing so much confidence in me. I am very much part of the community myself and I believe together we are striving towards building something amazing for Crystal language!

We are excited to see the response to the form intended to name the community of Crystal programmers, this is truly exciting results as seen for just the beginning of the week. The form is open for the entire week, so if you haven’t voted already , please cast your entry immediately,

I’m sure we’re all super curious for the results!


Crystalystas is the catchiest and it isn’t even one of the choices :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi @crystalysta , agreed Crystalysta is a really catchy name, in fact I do like it, it has a cool vibe to it. We had received over 100 recommendations for the name from various community and social channels and I have tried my level best to curate the final list with the most popular requests keeping in mind entries from all major channels.It makes me sad that “Crystalysta” didn’t make it to the final list however I trust you have cast your ballot and we will come up with the best one that suits the community of programmers by popular choice!
Happy Contributing!


Hey Community Members,

Hope you had a great week! The form to name Crystal programmers was shared last week Friday and so far we have collected more than 100 responses. We bet the entire Crystal community is awaiting the results eagerly, so are we! The form is open through the weekend and will stop collecting responses on Monday 27th Feb 2023 end of day Eastern US time, so please do not miss out on the opportunity to call out the community of Crystal programmers by the choice of your name, please cast your vote if you haven’t already.
Happy weekend!


The community of Crystal programmers gets a name by popular choice!

We will be called, “Crystalists”!

Ranked Choice Voting(RCV) system with Google forms and Google sheets was used to derive onto the final results of the vote. PFB the reference link used for calculations(the name that got 1st preference highest number of times was chosen from the response sheet to the shared form)

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the voting process to give the community this cool name. We hope the community is super excited to finally get its name, cherish it and proudly call yourselves, " Crystalists". I believe its super relatable and most importantly have been selected by the community, for the community:)

Happy contributing Crystalists!


It is one l, not two, right?

So excited to be called a Crystalist I love this name, it sounds so so so cool and I like how it is so intuitive.


Yeah, i vote for this name too!

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Right, one l.

And so it shall begin, The Rise of The Crystalists!


We are thankful to everyone who took the time to vote for the community name selection, we do understand that many of you might want to have a debrief of how we derived on the name “Crystalists” among all other options. As communicated earlier, we used Ranked Choice Voting(RCV) system with Google forms and Google sheets to perform our analysis which uses an elimination and redistribution process for as many rounds as necessary until a winner is found. For a detailed and clear understanding of how we used this process in our analysis, please refer to the below sheet,

(You can find the majority vote listings for each round and the final tab summarises the justification for selecting the winner)

Please do not hesitate to reach us in case of any doubts/questions wrt the analysis.
Happy Contributing, Crystalists!