Introduction:Mekhla Mukherjee, Community Manager

I am Mekhla Mukherjee from Mumbai, Maharashtra in India, the land of food, culture and immense diversity. I am bringing to Manas and Crystal my 12 years of expertise in customer service, product UI testing, user experience research and community development having worked with leading product brands like HP, Microsoft, Google and major service players Accenture and Wipro. My core passion lies in working with tech communities. I strongly believe an engaged and informed community has immense capabilities in contributing to the advancements in technology in the modern world.

While I never feel community development as work, traveling is my biggest hobby. I have toured 24 out of 29 states in India and few cities in Europe and the Middle East. When I am not traveling, I love cooking for my family. I am also a trained Indian classical singer and do enjoy playing the keyboard and jamming with my brother who plays the guitar himself.

In order to bring a positive impact to the world, society contribution is really important. I strongly believe every child has the right to education and working towards this direction, I contribute towards child education at UNICEF.

I have already heard some amazing things about Crystal, and I am excited to be part of this wonderful team and manage the Crystal community. I cannot wait to discover and learn from this new journey.


Welcome Mekhla, great to have you on board! :wave:


You sound like a very good person for this job :slight_smile:

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Thanks Johannes,excited to be here!

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Thanks Mavu,I really look forward to connect with the community !

Hey Mekhla, welcome!

OK, enough of the niceties. Let’s put you to work!

You seem like the right person, with the power and authority to do this:

We need to resolve our name, and have all these suggestions, and your superhuman powers seem perfect to create the process to finalize this issue.

If you are caught or injured in these pursuits, I disavow any knowledge of your existence or association to you. :grin:

But seriously, you sound like the right person to herd all of us to decide on an agreeable name.
(And maybe even a mascot!)


Hi Jabari,

Thanks on the welcome!

Actually, you’ll be happy to know that picking up the name for Crystal programmers and selecting a mascot for the language are among my first important assignments as a Community Manager. There were many good suggestions from the community itself and also internally from the Crystal team,I added a bunch from my head too :joy: and finally there are 10 names.To get the best result out ,I will shortly be sending out a weighted survey to the community , the one that gets the maximum weightage , that’s what the group will be called as. The idea is to have the name by the community for the community!

For the mascot, I have considered a lot many thoughts and ideas from previous discussions in the forum and working with our design team to have the first iteration out. This would take sometime as there are myriad thoughts and ideas to be incorporated and certain design protocol to be followed but at this point I would say , stay tuned as we bring out the best version of the mascot we can get for Crystal😊.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or doubts. Happy Contributing!


Welcome Mekhla. Good to see Crystal gaining popularity in India.

Thanks Aravind! I think with increased visibility, Crystal has the all the right capabilities to become huge across geographies and with passionate individuals like yourself I think we should be there soon!

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By the way, in case you didn’t see, I’ve been recording every name suggestion I’ve seen here, with 39 viable suggestions so far (29 with some stricter requirements).


Thanks @Bonarc for sharing, I do have a copy for this and definitely will be taking suggestions from this list for your survey! This is very helpful.