What are Crystal programmers called?

I was going to mention The Crystal Method, an electronic music group. But it appears there’s actually a Crystal Method used for agile software development… interesting.

We are need a official name, i consider Crystalists is better?

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How could it be anything but Crystalystas? :slightly_smiling_face:

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@core-team , i guess we have to decide a official name.

Just dropping in here, so take this with a grain of salt, but what about:

  • Crystian (noun and adjective)
  • Crystalhead
  • Crytter

Let’s choose one: Crybabies :grin:

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It’s bothering me that we don’t have a proper name. There’s a lot of suggestions here. I would like to hold a vote and formalize a name (doesn’t have to be me), but need the support of the community that everyone will actually participate and spread word, because holding an irrelevant vote is worse than not holding one at all.


Walters? Heisenbergs? :grin:

I’ve used Crystaler with my friends before since it feels natural. Like if I’m not giving it any thought, it’s the first word that comes to mind as a native English speaker.

Crystallomancers :man_mage: :mage: :woman_mage:

You are proably already doing alot of “crystal gazing/crystallomancy” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We were waiting for the community to form a name, but I see that there’s public pressure to hold a voting process. I will discuss this further with the team next month when we’re complete.


I made a spreadsheet of all the names suggested here


Thanks @Bonarc for compiling this list and pushing this effort forward.

May I suggest this.
Let’s remove the names that don’t have some form of “Crystal” in them, e.g. “jewelers”, etc.

I think the name should be as close a derivative of “Crystal” as possible. We don’t want to have people to have to think about what is being referred to. I think Rubyist and Pythonistas are good because they are unambiguos to most people who are programmers. Ours should be unambiguous too (don’t want people scratching their heads about it).

I also suggest maybe a 2|3 phase process. Let’s whittle that list of 35 (or whatever we start from) down to, say 10. Then use a 2nd phase, where people vote for only their top 5, so we end up with 5 finalists, and then use Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), so people can rank the final 5 choices (1–5), and the winner will be the one which must get a clear majority (50% + 1)

So maybe we set a certain date for all suggestions be submitted, remove those that don’t meet certain criteria (including not offensive in non-English, et a,l languages), and then set dates|rules for the other phases, and a final date for a choice to be made|announced.

Once we have a name, well then, we must also have a logo!
So we then can create a similar process to do that.
I suspect that will take more time, because people would have to submit|consider art work.
But once we have these things in place we’ll get final results in a structured process and time.


Right now, I’m waiting on the core team and @beta-ziliani before moving forward on any voting. Let’s get all the suggestions we can though.

Can everyone here mention this call for names on any crystal channels you know?

Some specifics though:

I agree with the principle, though some of them are pretty cool. It’ll be sad to see them go. Maybe we can leave them in anyway since they’re likely to be voted out (unless they’re really good)

Your voting strategy seems good to be me except

Let’s whittle that list of 35 (or whatever we start from) down to, say 10

How should this be done?

Once we have a name, well then, we must also have a logo!

Isn’t this our logo?

Yes, that’s the logo.
I actual meant a mascot, like Tux the Penguin for Linux, and the Python Python.
But the name probably would drive the mascot.
I can see someone with jeweler glasses peering at crystals(?), or a necklace…
But I’m not the artist type, best left to others for suggestions.

At some time magpies or crows were suggested as potential Crystal mascot, which I personally kind of liked.


I, too, particularly liked the crow idea. Intelligent birds, likes shiny things, etc. I lack the artistic talent to design one holding the crystal logo in its beak, otherwise I would have shared something like that.


Crystal the Crow. :thinking:

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A few more ideas:

  • Crysties
  • Crystines
  • Code Witches (because witches work with crystals sometimes)
  • Crystalsmiths
  • Facets
  • Polishers
  • Jewlers
  • Gemcutters
  • Oscillators (as in a “crystal oscillator”)

I imagine a mage :mage:t2: holding a Crystal shard:

We are “Crystal mages”

On the Apple platform, the mage emoticon is actually holding a crystal shard staff. :laughing: