Navigation style in this forum

We’re currently using a drop down menu for site navigation in this forum.
I find it a bit cumbersome to open a menu first before being able to navigate.
Discourse offers a sidebar as a different option. It’s even the default which is overriden in our configuration (for reasons unknown to me).
I would personally prefer the sidebar over drop down menu. Anyone else?

Drop down menu:


Unlike some other interface options, this is a global setting. If we change it, this change applies to all users.


Definitely not the sidebar from my point of view. I do not like how it shift the content to out of center. I can honestly say I never used the dropdown, at least the one in your screenshot.

I have it setup so the main page is Latest and just keep an eye on that. If I want to go to a specific topic (which isn’t often), I can just click those categories and/or tags dropdowns, or even the Categories button right next to the other dropdowns. Which IMO is cleaner than having the extra clutter of the sidebar when I wouldn’t use it 99% of the time.


Ultimately I guess it just comes down to how everyone uses the forums :person_shrugging:.

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I don’t recall any decision between sidebar and dropdown. Maybe it was not a thing when we started.

I don’t have huge preferences.

When I started I think I based some decisions from elixir forum, which changed a lot since then! They have a sidebar :sweat_smile: . Other forums I visit use the dropdown.

Forgot to mention, if you don’t plan to use the sidebar, you can collapse it. That’s an individual setting for every user (or user session?). Then the content is centered.

Do you know where? Because I happened to use the forums when you had it enabled and immediately tried to get rid of it and I couldn’t find anything :sweat_smile:.

But if that’s the case then I don’t really have strong feelings which one we use.

Burger icon right next to the page title.
Essentially it’s the same icon with the same function (show/hide navigation) as with the drop down menu. Only difference is the placement (and the shape of the navigation).

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Rarely use the dropdown, seems a bit archaic to me.

The sidebar seems more like what I’m used to from other places.

Had me a bit worried as I’m mostly in a half screen width browser, which makes some sites think I’m on a tablet and remove stuff. But if it’s collapsible, I think I’m good.

I do the same as @Blacksmoke16 and just squat on Latest :slight_smile: I don’t have feelings either way. I’m mostly reading the forums on my phone, so I’ll also parrot @Xen that as long as everything is collapsible, then no objections from me either.

There were no objections, so I feel free to continue.

I have activated the sidebar navigation now.

Now that everyone has a hands-on experience, maybe we’ll notice some issues or inconveniences.
If you do, please leave a comment here.