NeuraLegion's OpenSource Subscription Program (Free)

Hi everyone from this wonderful community,
We launched a new program in NeuraLegion to offer free superscription of our product to OpenSource projects.
As we have strong ties in the Crystal community we felt it was the most appropriate place to start with our new program.

NeuraLegion is an AST (Application Security Testing) company, and we offer a SaaS vulnerabilities scanning solution (DAST).

We would love to have some relevant projects from the Crystal ecosystem to enjoy our service for free.
This will allow the projects to either manually scan deployed instances of their applications or integrate our scanner into the SDLC (CI\CD) process.

We have already started going forward with Kemal and @sdogruyol and would love to have a few more projects on board.

To enter the program a project should qualify under those requirements:

  1. OpenSource (MIT\GPL\ZIP\APACHE)
  2. Web oriented application (Web application, API gateway, etc…)
  3. Have an ability to deploy (setup on demand automatically or manually) and instance of itself for testing (working application)

Feel free to comment here or at opensource[at] to join our program.

Waiting to hear from you all!


I’ll forward this to the people at LuckyFramework and see if they’d be interested

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Cool :) thanks for that

Yup. This sounds amazing. I’ll dig in and see what we need to do to get Lucky on this. Thanks for this @bararchy!

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Sure! let us know, we will be happy for you to join our program :)