Really bad PR and communication

Hey guy,
I am coming from ruby/java and I enjoy to look into crystal. Before I decided to have a deeper look i spent some time in stackoverflow, reddit, nim forum… AND found various statements of core developers showing their frustration, doubts… they are killing the project.

It is possible to kill a project just by spreading the idea that it is already dead.
Yes I would love parallel / concurrent features, yes Win support would be nice to get it in companies…
I am absolutely not interested in compile-time or compile mem usage in version 0.00004547.
I simply love the idea of writing code in a language that is close to ruby.
AND I like ruby for its beauty not speed or the GIL drama.

I recently wrote some Dlang and MyClass Test = new MyClass; made me suddenly aware again how consistent ruby is and how clean a method new is.
MyClass test = feels right … test = is faster but not the point in this… I like the way ruby makes me think about objects, syn-sugar and crystal is alike!

Crystal is great! It may take some time to get it strong without google, amazon and no, i do not know manas ;) but who knew this torvald guy?

So keep on developing, stop “drunken bar chats” in the net and if it takes 5 years it takes 5 years.
So what?


It’s absolutely normal for an artist to doubt if other would like their art! :slightly_smiling_face:

There are some not-so-good decisions made in the past, so the team is just being a little bit more cautious. From my perspective, the core team does have a leader with strong points, and I believe him and his vision. But he stays in the shadows for the most of the time :smile:

However, there are also some other members which, as I would think, don’t use Crystal that much in real-world applications and therefore a bit away from what the language really means for those who use it on everyday basis. It hurts the development process a bit, and, in my experience, leads to really long discussions on whether is a feature is really needed, whereas it should be obvious.

What’s the usecase?

I hope so much that the recent collaboration with that blockchain project will lead to more effective communications within the community.

The developers are still active and they love the language. One of them even created a multi-threaded PR, which is still in progress. If you don’t mind, can you shoot me some links about these developers showing doubt, etc?

From my experience so far, it’s been like the total opposite. Sorry not sure :/

Hi @bachmarc,

Thanks for the kind words towards all of us who are spending their efforts here. It seems that you are on board to use Crystal :slight_smile:

Motivation sometimes might be a bit erratic on some topics. One needs to relax and focus in phases I think. But I know the cheerful strikes are longer, but sometimes they are not that visible.

If you like Crystal as it is and don’t care about the pending things in the roadmap for 1.0 please join the community with feedback, support, docs, code, posts whatever you like more.

PS: The title of the post did scare me! There needs to be a balance between PR and coding, we are still looking for a balance between them.


That was probably me. Or my past me. The compiler and language are complex beasts and all I want is to make them better, simpler, more consistent and faster. In the past I doubted it could be possible, but now I’m super positive about it. I’m sorry about my previous me’s behavior :blush:

To explain it a bit more, I spend most of my time in Crystal tackling difficult problems: compiler bugs, optimizations, design challenges. Many times I can’t find a solution right away. That would sometimes blind me from seeing what Crystal looks like from a user’s perspective (other core members tackling these problems are probably more patient than me). For example, I used it in the past Advent of Code and it was delightful. I know, it’s not a “real” project, but if it’s so nice to use it in something small, for something bigger, with the tools the language provides, it’s even better.

I’m not sure how much time it will take, but I’m sure we’ll make it. Every day the language, standard library, shards and the community are evolving a bit. That will inevitably lead to something beautiful and fun.

What I find most interesting is that even though the language isn’t 1.0 and there are still some things to do, the language is usable and it’s being used for real (for example in Yahoo! JAPAN). And people are having fun (by checking what is being talked in gitter). I’m sure the future will be bright for Crystal.