Rubocop for Crystal?

Is there an equivalent to Rubocop for Crystal?

I have been using crystal tool format but it doesn’t enforce all coding style guidelines (e.g. I have CamelCased a variable and it doesn’t tell me off or fix it).

Alternatively is there a Rubocop configuration that could be used for Crystal, while respecting the language differences?

Ameba gets closest I think, but we don’t use it inside the compiler/standard library, so no idea how much of a Christmas tree that would already light up trying to run it there :)

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I’ll take a look, but might leave running it on standard library for another weekend!

For the lols:

[C] Metrics/CyclomaticComplexity: Cyclomatic complexity too high [522/10]
> def next_token


Some are actionable, others not so much, like lexer/parser complexity or C API function names being camelcase.