Sergey Kuznetsov: Crystal, BBS and Debuggers

I really enjoyed talking with Sergey Kuznetsov about Crystal the beginnings of the internet and Debuggers. Please enjoy my interview with Sergey.


TBH, I hate the way I express and stutter myself ;) I love to talk but hate to listen myself ;)


@ComputerMage was an awesome episode, love hearing people’s back stories - I feel like mine was in some ways similar to yours, learnt C++ from a book, without a computer and had access to a Ti99 4A so learnt basic and assembly on that until I got a hand-me-down 386 (so super different but similar in vibe)


@stakach yeah, looks like you are one of that old hackers like me who still love to tinker and be hands-on even though we are already helping to build big products ;)

I found (back in 1980-1990’s way before I knew who is Elon Musk) that following “first principles” paradigm always helps (for me that principle is natural as I hate black boxes and if I don’t understand how it works inside I will be way less effective and productive with this product, tool or framework).

I used to live in Soviet Union and it was really rough to buy good computer back then so even I was making good money while I was still a school student I was not able to buy my computer until 1993. So my first own computer was 386 and it was already outdated but I had a lot of fun with it. And yes, protected mode and MMU was mind boggling but if you got it then it is a lot of fun with endless tinkering ;)


Great episode, as usual <3. Sadly, it was a bit more difficult than usual to understand the guess here. Not native speaker here :/

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I understand my limitations. I am Russian who lives 20 years in Canada and I speak really fast due to my mental speed.

If I slowdown myself I start to stutter.

But I hope that this will not block people from listening to our talk as there was quite good amount of useful information.