What are Crystal programmers called?

We mean more as a title, not an actual name.

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A Bravais for those looking for interesting names, a “dev who knows Crystal” for anyone else.

What’s Bravais?

A tribute to Auguste Bravais, physicist, known for his work in crystallography. Creator of the concept of the Bravais lattices that constitutes the “crystal cells” and determines any crystalline arrangement.

So a “Bravais” is someone that knows everything about crystals and its systems.


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I love it, if it weren’t an obscure reference for most of the humanity (including my 2 minutes self :slight_smile: ), I’d be all in for it!


I love obscure facts for the most of the humanity. I want them scratching their heads and googling trying to find out. “bravais” is also the imperfect indicative of the french verb “braver”, that means braved, defied.

Crystar - means Crystal Star or Cry Star

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Oh no, @Bonarc :grin:

Crystalers and crystalizers were the first ones I liked! How are we going to solve this paradox of the universe? xD xD

This is what I use.
Matches rubyist.



It’s growing on me :slight_smile:

I like it, and we can say Crystarballs for our archives :smile:


Same here! Alright, crystalists it is,

case ended

(for me at least)


Lord Vader, there’s a disturbance in the Force.
I fear the Rise of the Crystalists! (Trailer coming with release of 1.4 in April 2022)


Sharts, in honor of our packaging system.

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Lord Vader these Crystalists are a pesky bunch!
And we C their numbers growing.
We must act Swiftly to supress them.
If not, they’ll become a Haskell to contend with.

Shall we unleash the demon Python upon them?
Or is there another way we must Go?

No, let’s get down to the Basics of what we must do.
We must call the Assembly together to decide.
Madam Ada will not save us now, neither Lord Pascal.

We should have crushed them as Rubyist when we had the chance.
Or even when they were mere Perls.
We did not C# enough the threat they posed.
Now they go Forth and prosper.

Yeh, we became complacent and Rusted in over confidence.
And it’s too late to run a Java thru them, or Dart them now.
And I fear it’s even too late to Pony up an army to defeat them.

No, we must use guile and cunning. The Genie is out the box.
We must learn their Lingo and try to Modula and weaken it.
But R we up to the task, or is this just much Smalltalk?
If we wait too long our Postscript will be already written.

No, I do not speak with a Lisp!
We must put our own SPIN on it, and confuse its users.
Then it will fracture and SNOBOL into obscurity.
That is our only chance, so we must git to its Source.

Yes, yes, the thought Tcls me. I C++ it clearly now.
But we cannot Zig this up!
Yes, we only have one Nim of chance as it is.
And we must account for all Factors.

Vala awaits us if we fail…

(to be continued…)


And for those that Lisp, shout out proudly and boldly , We are the Crystalliths!. :grinning:

I can get behind Crystalists.

I could also go for Crystics, or Crystalizers.

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There once was an old coder cynic
Who became a programmer critic
Every language he saw
He’d find some obscure flaw
Until he ran into a wise Crystic

He was shown coding idioms so simplistic
Yet powerful, efficient, and not mystic
So now he can code
Where before he forebode
And now proudly claims he’s a Crystalist!

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We can have a ceremony, after which we will become a Crystened.


We need to do a poll

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If we vote, I suggest we use Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), where you rank your preferences from top to bottom of the candidate choices. This ensures the winner reflects a true majority of the voters.



(Pythonista = Crystal Meth :rofl:)