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Would like to contribute to Crystal for GSOC

Hi folks,
I am interested in taking part for the next GSOC. I haven’t decided on a particular topic that I’m going to work on. I have little experience with the language, because I discovered it just recently, but I know a little bit of Ruby.

I was thinking of working around with Crystal for Windows, or maybe machine learning libraries?
Or maybe, I can work on formatter/linter? Or maybe Crystal version manager (similar to Uru, but cross-platform)? Crystal IDE for the community?

What do you all think?


Sounds like you’re ready to take on some challenges! :joy: I think that’s awesome.

Whatever you’re most interested in would be a great place to start. I know there’s been some machine learning shards built in the past like this and this, and there’s already a few crystal version managers (I use asdf). And there’s some IDEs being written like this one and maybe this?

Crystal for Windows would be a huge help for sure. If you were able to get some of the big shards running natively on Windows. Like a Lucky or Amber app without using WSL. But really, whatever you’ll have fun doing just have at it!

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First step on our part would be to apply for GSOC as an organization.
Are there any plans for that? @bcardiff

For reference: Last application in 2018 wasn’t accepted. Maybe it works this time =)

So, MSYS2 it is then? What would I need to know about, before preparing to start making a project for Windows? I am just roughly guessing, but comparing with Rubyinstaller, I can notice that there are some C header files?

Maybe @oprypin can chime in on this one? I don’t have any experience working on Windows. The only help I can provide is support… you can do it! :grin:

This could be a starting point.

I just saw Nim put out an announcement about participating.

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If there is anyone willing to mentor me, I would be more than happy. Tbh, I don’t mind any language - I am fine with Crystal, Ruby, Nim, whatever be it, just that I need to start somewhere. My main motive is not just getting myself with the “title” of being a GSOC participant, but also to make my own contribution to FOSS - a soft-synth, something similar to FM8 by Native Instrument, but better. I’ve been trying to teach myself DSP, but it is just hard, having no experience in real world software + not knowing the math behind.

If Google does not accept the proposal, can we look into Outreachy as a viable alternative? Or