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Yet another crystal kernel

Started work on a new crystal kernel, taking inspiration and lots of useful code from lilith however looking to simplify a lot of things like booting from UEFI so it’s straight to x64 code execution, no text mode operation etc

Currently have the basics working
Bootstrap: GitHub - stakach/uefi-bootstrap: experiments with bootstrapping a kernel with UEFI
Kernel: GitHub - stakach/crystal-kernel: yet another crystal kernel, inspired by ffwff/lilith

not much else to say, having a bit of fun dissecting crystal internals so it can run without libc.
I think exception handling is going to be the hardest things to implement, so any pointers in this regard would be very welcome!


A kernel written in crystal would be a dream for making modifications to. I’m impressed by how easy it is to understand/tweak/contribute to the crystal compiler, at least, I assume the same would be true for this :)

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I was thinking it would make a great learning resource - I do want to try and do some interesting things with it such as implementing all system calls io_uring style to reduce micro-kernel overhead