I'm Jenz

Hello all!

I’m Jenz, and like many other here: I love Crystal! You may find me on Freenode IRC.

I’m an idiot, high-school student, musician, and whatever else I feel like.
I aspire to save the world, in other words: be even more of an idiot… I won’t give up!
Some idiocy seems necessary IMHO – hence: I’m an idiot.

I like having loads of line-breaks.

In Crystal

ATM I’m no one regarding Crystal, though I’ve been following the development of it,
and want to help out, as much as I want to, there’s no way I won’t sometime.
I’ve played a lot with Crystal, though I’ve no project larger than a couple of hundred LoC.

I take too much pride (though I keep it to myself – apart for now) in being the second most important(?) contributor to Myst, though the difference between me and Faulty (creator of Myst) is by orders of magnitude – as in: he’s the one doing everything.

I love TUIs and CLIs, therfore my favorite shard is Papierkorb/fancyline, but there are many awesome shards I adore.