Incredible Interview by Bjarne Stroustrup

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Bjarne mentions expressing ideas in code at 30:35

The first step is actually when you want to express something, you can express it directly in code rather than going through endless loops and convolutions in your head, before it gets down the code. The way you’re thinking about a problem, is not in the code… there is a missing piece that’s just in your head. And the code you can see what it does, but it cannot see what you thought about it, unless you’ve expressed things directly. When you express things directly, you can maintain it. It’s easier to find errors, it’s easier to make modifications. It’s actually easier to test it… and low and behold it runs faster!

This is exactly how I feel but with Crystal!! I was so shocked when I heard this, it resonated so much with me. Such an awesome interview!


I program the same way. I always experiment with the code before finally I am happy with the code so I am building unit tests for that final code. I do a lot of iterations.
I even coined the term for this: Research Driven Development,