Introducing myself


Hi! My name is Chris, you probably know me as RX14, and I’ve been a core team member since July 2017.

I found Crystal and joined IRC in August of 2015, started contributing in September, and contributed my first substantial PR in July 2016. I actually can’t remember how I found Crystal, probably through HN or searching the web. But I remember the first real thing I wrote in Crystal, just a few days after I joined IRC: Using the language and seeing how close it was to ruby yet how fast it was got me hooked and the rest is history! I work mostly on the standard library, recently on the Windows port.

Outside of Crystal, I’m a university student at Bristol in the UK, studying Computer Science and Electronics. My hobbies include sysadminning my own servers, running the space society at uni, and amateur radio. I run Linux on my desktop, and enjoy learning about low-level topics.

If you want to grill me on myself or my opinions, please ask below :)


Hi Chris,

Seems like the Windows port is going well. Thanks for your help over the last year or so on Gitter ;)


Thanks! I’ll try to get back working on it soon!


Chris it makes me deeply happy that people are still into ham radio (esp. uni students!). DE K2KD…I did the Novice->Extra run over a very nerdy year when I was in elementary school (in…gulp…1989) and other than the dusty Kenwood HF rig sitting in my parents’ house, haven’t really done much with it lately. But there’s a lot happening these days, especially with software-defined radio, and that seems super cool/promising.

What areas of the hobby are you most into?


I must admit, my rig has been dusty too the last few years. I mainly keep in touch with the hobby through my dad (who I got into radio) and through the local amateur radio club. I hope to do more with it in the future, but for now my life is pretty busy :/


Maybe you might be the one to help write the libsdr bindings for crystal! ;)