Introducing the Crystal Mascot

There’s something that has been in the talks for a while now, something that the Crystal community has been looking forward to have as a member of the community itself, “The Crystal Mascot”.
Yes, you heard that right, here we are introducing the Crystal Mascot and this is what it looks like:

We have chosen the crow to be our mascot identity owing to its smart nature and attraction to shiny objects. I would like to open the forum for proposals on naming the mascot. Lets find out all the cool and trendy names you can think of.

Crystalists, put on your creative hats!


Then I will try it and give this post a start :slight_smile:

I have 2 Ideas

First is not so trendy or maybe cool but my first idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Cody / Codie Crow - The Crystal Mascot

Why Cody / Codie?:

  • First of, we have C as first letter
  • Cody Crow sounds funny
  • in my opinion, it’s a good name for a Crow.
  • Cody sounds like coding

I have search for the name meaning

…descendant of Cuidightheach’ (originally a byname for a helpful person)…

from Cody (given name) - Wikipedia
Crystal or the Crow can be a helpful Tool/Language/Mascot for the next todo or project.

The second idea is krýos or kruos

Why krýos / kruos?:

  • it’s looks cooler than Cody
  • It’s related to crystal as mineral
  • word crystal derives from the ancient Greek κρύσταλλος krýstallos (zu κρύος krýos) and means ( ice or rock crystal)
  • it means ice and yeah that is cool :stuck_out_tongue:
    I was influence by 2 Wikipedia articles about crystal (in German and English)
    wikiepdia : Crystal - Wikipedia

And from the rust crab ferris, because ferris come from Ferrous and it’s a chemical relation to rust.

So first shot of naming ideas, maybe this will influence other :D


Christy the Crow



I like Jasper. An easy to pronounce, memorable name, with a direct reference to actual crystals!


Crys Tall Crow

Bouncing off of @MistressRemilia’s suggestion— Crystie


I have no clue about a name, but that design is pretty bad ass :D I love the low poly look.

Edit: Ooh, what about Draven? (From the 1994 movie “The Crow”)


That is a nice name for a crow and smart, related to crystal :D

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I couldn’t stay out of choosing such an important name, so I came up with some name suggestions that can be analyzed!


  • Named after Jupiter’s moon Callisto, being Jupiter’s second-largest and third-largest moon in the Solar System
  • The moon Callisto was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei


  • Mixture of Crystal with Onyx!
  • Onyx has a large color variation, one of which is the black color variation!


  • Inspired by the black variation of Agate (a type of Chalcedony, part of the Quartz crystal family)


  • Name linked to the mathematician, engineer and cryptographer Claude Shannon, recognized with an important role in the emergence of information theory


  • Name linked to Christopher Morcom, described as Alan Turing’s first love
  • Name starts with sound similar to “Crystal”



More replies here. I really like Onyx, +1 for that one.


Cryscot ? Crystal + Mascot xD

maybe given a icon version to see if it lovely, this looks like too big.

I personally like both “Chris” (and variations like “Crys”) and “Onyx”.

Both are easily memorable, are gender-neutral names and fit the theme well.


My initial reaction on seeing the image was “Corbie”. My next reaction is that is a very “Dark Crystal” and the two main characters from that movie are Jen and Kira.

I think it should be big though. I don’t think it’s meant to replace the logo, but similar to how Go’s logo is “GO”, but mascot is a gopher, or Rust’s logo is a gear, but mascot is a crab. So I’d imagine this would never be used in an icon setting… This is just a guess though.

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I like the names and ideas here. I don’t love this drawing mainly because it lacks a face. (I mean, technically our n-hedron has n faces, I don’t know what n is here). I like that other mascots can be smiling or frowning etc.

Great idea to have a mascot and talk to the community about it!


First of all, I love the mascot and would not change anything. Please do not give it eyes. Feet would be totally fine. Let’s give Crys some feet. Just two would be great. Keep it retro.

Thank you to @FredrikHolmqvist for linking to Reddit where I replied before I saw @Hadeweka suggested the same thing before me:

I think the obvious, undeniable one is Crys and that just cannot be argued as it is the name of the language, truncated, and it sticks with you permanently.

The effort placed into brand artifacts for Crystal is amazing to watch and I am so proud to be part of this sharp community of leading-edge Crystalists.

Do we consider no legs is better?


Or, a flying crow? (legs is behind the body instead of underneath)

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Anyway, I think he (she?) should have eyes on its face.
I played with GIMP for 5 minutes. Yes, this is far from the best, but I will still submit it.